Thursday, April 29, 2010


Gracie had a more restless night last night. I was just beginning to enjoy her quiet restful nights. She awoke in a good mood but was a little grumpy about eating breakfast until she could hold mommy's cell phone.

On the way to daycare, her mood turned sunshiny bright as she listened to a Veggie Tales Sing-A-Long cd. She had a good day at daycare and was lucky enough to have daddy get out of work earlier than expected and pick her up. When I got home they were having a snack to get her seizure meds in her.

Gracie had a few new words tonight: "bumble bee", "glow guy" (this is a musical seahorse that she gets to take to bed with her), and "peach" (which she ate at supper time).

We took a walk after supper and Gracie really enjoyed being outside this evening. The highlight was the "kitty" that we saw on a neighbors back deck. Gracie was enthralled and kept saying "kitty" and "meow". She did not want to leave the kitty. Then it was bathtime with bedtime following shortly thereafter. Of course we did get to read a couple of books before we went to sleep. Tonight's pick: "A Roar of a Snore", "I Love You Through and Through", and "The Moon in My Room".

Lisa, Jeff, and Gracie

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday - Daddy's Girl

Gracie had an okay night, a bit restless, but not too terrible. She awoke bright and early at 5:30 a.m. YAWN. She was thrilled to see daddy. He's been working a conference with long hours, so he hasn't been around much.

Gracie was a happy girl when I took her to daycare and was a little feisty when I picked her up. Thinking she needed to touch everything she wasn't supposed to touch. She was a bit grumpy when we got home, but we sat together and snuggled and rocked for a little bit and then she was happy again. She was quite the jabberer tonight. She decided she really didn't want much for supper tonight and she was purposefully touching and getting into things she knows are no no's. So I told her she needed to go in her room and play for awhile. This was a hit. We could hear her jabbering and playing...just sitting on her bed having a good ole time.

After supper we took a walk. Gracie decided to do a kick/march type walk. It was so fun to watch her. We ran into neighbor Nancy and her dog Annabelle. Gracie loves them both and she would have gone home with Nancy had we let her. Annabelle is so mild mannered she lets Gracie touch her face and pet her. She is such a sweet dog.

Gracie had a restless time going to sleep tonight. Hopefully that is not a sign of the night.

Lisa, Jeff, and Gracie

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday - Mommy & Me

Gracie had another really good night. I'm liking this! She also got to sleep in this morning as I had the day off. Once she awoke we read books, snuggled, and played. I had her work on some of her OT stuff, as we waited for the appliance service tech to come check out our new stove, that had some issues.

When the service tech arrived, Gracie played shy and refused to do anything but be held. He was a bit gruff and I think she sensed it, so stayed glued to me. Once that issue was taken care of we headed out to take care of some errands. We had a hand me down Veggie Tales CD that was given to us by Auntie Kathy and Cousins Calvin, Maria, and Joshua that was a huge hit. She was happy as a lark riding in the car listening to the music. Gracie was good as gold in all of the stores, until we hit Shopko, our last stop. She just wanted to run and have mommy chase her.

From there we headed home for lunch, a bath, and then nap time. She took a nice long (over two hour) nap and then we headed to the dentist. This was Gracie's first trip to the dentist and we've been reading a book about going to the dentist, thinking that would prepare her. We talked about it all day and what she was supposed to do when the dentist wanted to see her teeth. I thought we were well prepared. Everyone there was so nice and kind, including the dentist herself. However, Gracie fought and screamed the whole time. She was sitting on my lap and it took every ounce of strength to hold her. The good cavities and no enamel issues as is common with children with Sotos Syndrome. Everything looked good. We talked about thumbsucking, but indicated they usually don't encourage the habit to be broken until the child turns 4. So she gets her thumbs for a while longer.

Then we headed to the playground and I let Gracie swing and slide and climb on the jungle gymn. She had a great time. Then back home for dinner. After dinner daddy came home and we took a walk. Gracie was so happy to see daddy tonight, she stuck to him like glue.

Gracie had a hard time falling asleep, but now is sleeping although she seems quite restless.

It was a good day. Gracie was such a good girl (other than at the dentist)!

Lisa, Jeff, and Gracie

Monday, April 26, 2010


Gracie had another great night last night. Oh I so hope this is a sign of more good nights ahead. She was snuggling in with daddy this morning when it was time to get up and he was so warm and snuggly that she did not want to wake up. It was a bit of a rough morning. Daddy was here this morning and we love daddy, but it throws off our routine and then we are a little more moody.

Once we got in the car to drive to daycare and I put a music cd in the cd player, all was well with the world. Gracie got a Burley ride at daycare and when I went to pick her up, she was sitting on the porch step just waiting for me. Her nose from her spill yesterday still looks pretty sore, but it doesn't seem to bother her.

Gracie was very tired this evening. She was a little moody at first, but after a quick snack with meds when we got home, we headed into her room to snuggle and read books. That got her into a much better mood. At suppertime she decided that she did not want to sit in her chair with the booster seat, she wanted to sit in mommy's chair. So I sat in the booster seat and she sat in my chair (how ridiculous is that). She also decided that she didn't want her supper, she wanted mommy's. So I shared. She wants so much to be a big girl.

It took Gracie about two seconds to fall asleep tonight. She was a tired girl.

Lisa, Jeff, and Gracie

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday - Boo Boo Bunny Needed

Gracie had the most peaceful night sleep I think she has ever had. She hardly stirred at all. She slept in until 7:00 a.m. I enjoyed it as well, except that I kept waking up to check on her. Gracie was in a great mood again today. She is communicating so much and understanding so much, that I think it just makes her a happier girl.

Jeff was playing in the band at his church this weekend, so Gracie and I were on our own. Gracie was a good girl (mostly) for our church service. Then we headed to Target to stock up on some necessities. I put her in the cart and she was good as gold. She ate a little bit for lunch, but wasn't too into it. Her fruit was a hit.

Gracie had fun playing puppy today, where she crawls around the floor and pretends she is a puppy. This is a huge step that she is beginning to do pretend play. Her imagination is expanding. Gracie took a 90 minute nap and awoke in a great mood. She had a snack and then we played in the house for awhile, but we were all going stir crazy and decided to put our coats on to venture outside. We walked out to a search party. One of our neighbor's little one year old girl was missing and nowhere to be found. We joined in on the search, as did the police. Gracie was very unsettled by this. She rode on mommy's back, so we could move more quickly and get into backyards and look under trees, etc. I'm happy to say the little girl was found unharmed and we met up with daddy again to resume our walk. I told Gracie that she was very helpful looking for a little girl that was lost. When I said "girl" she pointed to herself. We've been working on teaching her that she is a girl. "Yes", I said "a little girl like you." She smiled and we kept walking.

On our walk we discovered a couple of ant hills. These are very intriguing. We saw many birds and had to stop and watch them. We also saw a duck and followed it into our neighbors backyard. Not sure where the duck came from, but Grace was thrilled to see it.

We were just about home when Gracie was running on the sidewalk and fell. She held out her hands to catch herself, but couldn't keep her balance and hit her head and lip on the sidewalk. She's got a nice purple egg on her forehead and a big fat lip and skin missing from under her nose. We had to call in Boo Boo Bunny for that mishap, although Gracie really thought she should just hold "Boo Boo". We knew this one hurt as she cried. Our tough girl rarely cries when she gets hurt. Although in truthfulness, her tears were shortlived. I would have cried for much longer.

Gracie was a hungry girl for supper. She ate her BBQ, a little fruit, and then went off to play. Pretty soon she was on my lap eating my BBQ, my veggies, and my potato. She ate and ate and ate. I guess mommy's food must taste better.

Bathtime was a huge hit, but I think the water burned a little on her scratched hands when she first got in. After bath she played her piano, we read books, and then it was bedtime. It took her a while to finally fall asleep.

Lisa, Jeff, and Gracie

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday - An Awesome Very Good Happy Day

I forgot to tell Gracie that she could sleep in this morning, so she was up bright and early at 6:00 a.m. We got up and started the day with cinnamon rolls and juice. This is Gracie's ultimate favorite breakfast. Then after baths and showers, daddy went to band practice and Gracie and I headed to the bridal store to try on her flowergirl dress that had just arrived. Gracie was at her social best. By the time we left, she had the owner and three sales staff treating her to hot pink bangle bracelets, letting her type on their computers behind the counter, and holding onto the store keys.

From there we headed to the mall, where Gracie did an awesome job. We didn't even take the wheelchair in, she walked herself and did great. She is in love with almost all of the mannequins, but specifically the one with blue hair and the other one with purple hair. She loved holding their hands too. She informed me that these big colorful hanging lights in one store were "balloons". After we were all done shopping, we decided to share a non-dairy Raspberry crush smoothie. Gracie is getting great at drinking out of a straw and pretty much decided this smoothie was hers. Once in a while if I begged, I got a drink out of it.

We headed home to have a late lunch, but Gracie was almost too tired to do more than nibble. We declared it nap time and Gracie fell asleep almost instantly. She slept for 2-1/2 hours. I joined her for part of that time. She awoke in the best mood and after a snack we headed outside for a walk. She notices EVERYTHING. She loves the birds and trees. Tonight she stopped at a house and as I was trying to urge her along she said "kitty". Sure enough there was a kitty lounging in front of the house. I asked her what the kitty said and she answered "Meow". We had to stand and watch the kitty for a long time. I noticed tonight as we walked Gracie was jabbering as she usually does, but tonight most of her jabber were actual words, I just had to listen close to catch them all.

Gracie is getting so good at understanding what we say and she is starting to love looking out our front window and observing everything outside. She's getting quite good at following directions too...when she wants to that is.

Gracie ate a good supper and was happy all evening long. She also got to watch a Barney DVD, which is her new favorite and she fusses and cries when it is over. She loves the song "silly hats" and when I put a silly hat on her head, she loves it even more. She also got to watch "Sid the Science Kid". At the beginning of the show, each of the four kids do some dance moves. She now imitates their dance moves.

The other thing that Gracie has started doing is winking. She can't do it with just one eye...but she initiates it. This morning she was sitting on my lap and we were in the rocking chair just snuggling. All of a sudden she sat up, looked at me and winked. It was priceless.

The day started out with Gracie being daddy's girl and turned into her being mommy's girl. She is very opinionated about who she wants and when.

Gracie got to stay up later tonight and was such a good girl for the whole evening. It was a rewarding and fun day.

Lisa, Jeff, and Gracie

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Gracie had another restless night, followed by a morning where she decided to hold her last bite of food with meds in it in her mouth. I had a little extra time this morning, so just let her hold it for a long time in hopes she would swallow it, but that didn't happen. I ended up having to dig it out of her mouth, which was not well received. Then I gave her the last of her meds with Cool Whip. Now that was well received.

Gracie had a good day at daycare and daddy picked her up early, as she had physical therapy today. I was at my uncle's funeral today (Rest in peace Uncle Richard), and got back just in time to go to therapy as well. We met at the local elementary school and Gracie's physical therapist and early intervention teacher were thrilled with the progress Gracie has made in her motor skills. She has come sooooooooooo far. After PT we had a snack and then went outside to play some more. All this activity made her very hungry and she gobbled up her supper.

After supper we hung out in the house playing with Gracie's musical instruments. Then we had a great time in the bathtub. It literally took her a minute to fall asleep tonight. Maybe tonight will be a restful night.

Lisa, Jeff, and Gracie

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Gracie had another crazy restless night. I think we both need a peaceful night! She awoke in a good mood and thought she was hilarious at breakfast for picking the chocolate chips out of my muffin and eating them. Lately she has been getting a great kick out of eating food off my plate.

She was in a great mood on the way to daycare and again when I picked her up. She got a bicycle ride in the burley and a scooter ride today. She loves both.

Gracie was in a good mood tonight too. She wanted a cracker before supper, and she both signed and said "cracker". When I handed it to her, she said "thank you" all on her own. This was a verbal thank you, not a signed one. I was so proud.

Gracie got to watch a Barney DVD tonight. She is really getting into Barney and was mad when the DVD was done. Jeff was performing magic at Hope Lodge tonight, so Gracie and I read books and just wrestled around and had fun. It was a good night.

Gracie is now sleeping peacefully.

Lisa, Jeff, and Gracie

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday - A Great Day

Gracie had a terribly restless and wakeful night from 2:30 a.m. on. She fell back into a good sleep at 5:00 a.m., only to have to wake up again at 6:00 a.m. She was kind of grumpy this morning until we left the house. Jeff was home this morning and I think it throws off her routine, as he is usually gone to work by the time she gets up. She is definitely a girl who does better with a routine.

Gracie had a good day at daycare and was outside enjoying the sunshine when I picked her up. We came home, ate a quick supper (she ate and ate), and then went back outside for a walk, then a wagon ride. She had so much fun outside. We had a HUGE success tonight. She was able to go up the big step up to our porch all by herself without holding on. The first try she fell down on her hands, the second and third time she did it perfectly!

Bath was a big hit until she started drinking the bath water. Suddenly mom declared bath time over.

She fell asleep very quickly tonight. All that fresh air tired her out.

Lisa, Jeff, and Gracie

Monday, April 19, 2010


Gracie had a very restless night and kept waking up. Then when it was time to wake up, I had a really hard time waking her up. Once she awoke and had some time to snuggle she was in a very good mood.

Jeff took her to daycare this morning and she did fine until another little girl started crying, then Gracie's smile turned into tears too. When I picked her up from daycare tonight she was in a good mood and had been outside getting scooter rides. When we got home she was all smiles when she saw daddy was there. We had a quick snack to get our meds in and she was happy and funny.

Then suddenly our sweet happy girl turned extremely upset and grumpy. She was very very tired and nothing was quite right. That was the theme for the rest of the night. She wanted nothing to do with supper. Despite being extremely agitated most of the night, when promised a sticker for being "helpful" when putting on her pajamas, she mellowed and was helpful. Oh those stickers are great motivators.

Gracie fell asleep very quickly tonight. She was one tired girl.

Lisa, Jeff, and Gracie

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday - A Beautiful Day and a Beautiful Mood

Gracie had a restless night, but awoke in a great mood and it was instantly apparent that she was feeling better today than yesterday. She was a happy girl all day long. We had no issues with seizure meds or food holding at all today.

Gracie did figure out today that the eggs in her Easter basket contained "candy". It has been sitting out for two weeks and today she did a little exploring. She was rewarded with Smarties and bits of a Rolo.

Gracie and mommy hung out this morning and she was in a very good mood. She even cooperated during our church service (mostly).

Gracie had a much better appetite today. Supper was a huge hit - I put turkey breasts, potatoes, and carrots in the oven to slow cook in a gravy sauce. She could not get enough of the carrots and potatoes to the point that when she was done with her second helping, she started helping herself to the food on my plate. She got two mini Reeses peanut butter cups for dessert and thought that was a huge treat.

We walked to the local elementary school today as the weather was gorgeous. We were excited to see that the new adaptive swing we had been hearing rumors of had been installed. Gracie was in heaven. The smiles were huge..Huge...HUGE! Because there is less chance of her just letting go and falling, we can let her swing higher...oh she loves to swing. She also climbed on the jungle gymn to get to the slides. She had a great time. She did not want to go home.

When we did get home we had some drinks and then played with her new bubble blowing octupus, which was a huge hit. She kept saying "bubble" over and over and over again. We also just ran around in the backyard til it was supper time.

Tonight she seemed exceptionally tired, sat and snuggled for book after book after book. I was sure she would fall asleep quickly. I was greatly mistaken. It took her over an hour to fall asleep. I'm in step one of trying to get her to be an independent sleeper. Step one is that I'm no longer walking and bouncing with her to fall asleep. Ha, I broke down tonight.

Have a great week everyone.

Lisa, Jeff, and Gracie

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday - And Lots of Attitude

I'm happy to report that Gracie's fever broke last night and did not return today. She awoke in a good mood and it was a treat to sleep in til almost 7:00 a.m. I love those mornings!!! She had a very peaceful night.

Gracie gobbled up cinnamon rolls for breakfast, but wanted no part of lunch or supper. She did have a few snacks here and there...a banana, a fruit and grain bar, Gatorade, and some crackers, so she isn't starving, I can just tell her stomach isn't quite back to normal. We did have a huge challenge getting her evening meds in her. She was tired and full of major attitude tonight. Every bite of food we gave her with meds (and we tried various foods) she would hold in her mouth and eventually they would come out after she held them for long periods of time. I have no clue if we got the right amount of meds in her. We did the best we could. Where does she get this stubborn streak (do not answer that with "From You Lisa")?

We did go to the shoe store as I thought Gracie's tennis shoes were getting too small. The good news is they aren't too small yet...although it won't be long. Then we headed to the appliance store to look for a new stove. Gracie thought it was great fun turning all the knobs and buttons. Then to Sam's club where Gracie insisted upon riding in the cart. Something I don't let her do often because she always picks up some virus. I wiped it down first and I pray she doesn't come down with anything from it. She thought it great fun to ride as long as the cart was in constant motion.

We got home and she had a rough evening. She just wasn't content or happy. Very fussy, very full of attitude and many of our usual tricks didn't work. I finally took her downstairs for a change of scenery, turned on her favorite Michael Jackson CD and just hung out with her. That mellowed her quite a bit, although she still had her moments. She did enjoy reading books tonight too, as long as I read the right ones. She has definite opinions about that. :) Interestingly she did stop fussing long enough to help put on her pajamas as she knows she gets a sticker for that if she is good and helpful. Stickers are a GREAT motivator for Gracie.

She is now asleep, but a bit restless. I'm hoping she is 100% feeling great tomorrow.

Lisa, Jeff, and Gracie

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday - Still Sick

Well it turns out Gracie does have some sort of bug. This morning she still had the diarrhea and wouldn't eat anything. I stayed home from work with her and she was in a happy enough mood. Not wanting to eat anything does cause issue with getting her seizure meds in her though. It took us a while, but we finally got them all down.

Gracie was very snuggly and good-natured despite not feeling great. She played quietly, we read lots of books, and I even let her watch more TV today than what I usually allow. Isn't that a perk of being sick?

Gracie and I both took an hour and a half nap. That felt good. She awoke renewed and as the day was nice (although windy), we went outside on the deck to blow bubbles and just get some fresh air. When Jeff got home from work, we went on a walk. Gracie didn't want to walk far herself, but rode on my back for most of the way. When we got back from our walk we put her in her wheelchair and went for a little longer of a walk. She enjoyed being out in the fresh air.

We came home, had some strawberry soy smoothies (laced with seizure meds) and just hung out. That was when I noticed Gracie was running a low grade fever and she was becoming very clingy again. She still had smiles, but was tired and run down. We all sat and watched an episode of Sid the Science Kid, read a couple of bedtime books, and she fell asleep instantly. I hope the Tylenol helps with her fever and that she has a good day tomorrow.

Sweet dreams to you all.

Lisa, Jeff, and Gracie

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday - Crazy Day

Gracie sat up in bed at 4:15 a.m. and said "hi". I opened half an eye to tell her to go back to sleep when I realized blood was gushing down her face. It was also all over the bed, her pajamas, and me. Another nasty bloody nose. She finally fell back to sleep at 5:30 a.m., only to have to get up 30 minutes later.

She was a good girl this morning and got to play outside at daycare. When Jeff picked her up, she was having a good time and was in a good mood. They were home for a little while when she vomited, then a diarrhea diaper and pretty nasty gas all night long. Jeff is a firm believer in Pampers Diapers, as am I! She also wanted nothing to eat tonight, but did drink a little water. Getting her seizure meds in her was a challenge. She kept a spoonful of applesauce with meds and a drink of water in her mouth for a good hour before it all came spilling out. We eventually did get them all in, thankfully.

She was a happy splashing girl in the tub and we also played outside for a while. She was happy enough. Not fussy at all. So I'm not sure if she ate something that disagreed with her or what. She really isn't acting like it's the flu. Not sure what to think.

She is sleeping peacefully now. I sure hope she feels better by morning.

Lisa, Jeff, and Gracie

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday - A Happy Girl Again

Gracie had an okay night and when it was time to get up, did not want to. It's a good thing her mommy is not a morning person either and understands that she needs a little time to ease into the day.

Gracie was our happy girl again today. She was a good girl at daycare and for daddy after he picked her up. Gracie greeted me at the door with a book. She wanted to read, so we sat on the rocking chair snuggling and reading. Gracie was in a good mood almost all night. There was a very upset and frustrated moment when we were playing and Gracie wanted Jeff and I to do something, but we did not understand what we were to do, no matter how hard we tried to figure it out. Gracie was so upset about it, but could not get her request across. Those communication problems are happening less and less as Gracie is learning lots of words and signs to tell us what she wants.

Gracie ate a big supper and then we headed outdoors to enjoy the beautiful evening. Our days of going for a nice peaceful stroll are over. Gracie loves to walk without holding hands and likes to get ahead of us, then run back to where we just were and go the opposite direction. Our walks are twice as long chasing her, but it's so much fun to see her independence and comfort level in running by herself. Gracie loves to pick up sticks on the sidewalk along the way. She also loves to watch and chase birds, and is really noticing her surroundings.

Tonight our big girl walked up the deck stairs all by herself. She didn't even hesitate. She had to hold onto the rail with both hands, but she did beautifully. She is getting so strong. I went to stretch out her legs tonight and I could get them perfectly straight.

Gracie was so tired tonight, but had a hard time falling asleep. It's thundering and raining here now. I wonder if that will awaken her. In past years it didn't phase her, but she is a much lighter sleeper now.

Sweet dreams.

Lisa, Jeff, and Gracie

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gracie - Tired Grumpy Bossy Girl

Gracie did not want to wake up this morning and I had to wake her. It took a while before I was treated to any smiles. She did eventually flash those pearly whites for mom and we had a good morning. I thought we were going to have a problem with meds again, but I'm relieved to say she only held them for a moment before she swallowed. I did find out that she does NOT like lemon poppy seed muffins. There are so few foods that she doesn't like that I was surprised she doesn't like them.

Gracie was happy when I dropped her off at daycare and she was playing outside when Jeff picked her up. We were told that she was a bit bossy and impatient today. She made it known what she wanted and when.

When I got home she was happy to see me, but nothing was quite right. She was so tired and not much made her happy. She did enjoy being held and bounced. She also had a great time in the tub. She was so fickle, at some points she wanted absolutely nothing to do with me and the next moment she wanted mommy. She definitely cooperated more for Jeff tonight.

We are back to using stickers as rewards for good behavior. I'm happy to say this has an even more positive effect than when we did it 6 months ago. She loves her stickers and is so proud when she gets a new one.

It took Gracie a while to fall asleep, she had lots of jerky movements when she fell asleep, which usually is a sign that she is overtired. She is sleeping peacefully now.

Lisa, Jeff, and Gracie

Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday - Happy Happy Girl

Gracie woke up bright and early at 5:00 a.m. this morning and was in the best of moods. This after a restless night which ended with her sleeping peacefully while laying her head on mommy's tummy for a couple of hours. She got some good sleep. That makes one of us.

She was a happy girl and just full of playful teasing today. She was a happy girl when I took her to daycare. I'm realizing that she transitions so much better when not greeted at daycare (or anywhere for that matter), but if she is left to enter on her own with no one paying attention to her until she goes to them. Weird but true.

When Jeff picked Gracie up from daycare, she and the other kids were playing outside and enjoying the beautiful day. Gracie was thrilled to see me when I got home and I needed to hold her for a little while as she needed her mommy fix. She didn't eat much for supper, perhaps it is because she got homemade bread today for lunch. I know I would have filled up on that if I were her and she is my bread girl. I think she takes after her Auntie Sheila. She did eat all of her applesauce and used a spoon with a little help and scooped it up and fed it to herself. She was so proud.

After supper we went outside for a walk. She was hilarious, running and hollering at the top of her lungs. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and she was so much fun to watch. Smiles were from ear to ear. On our walk we saw a butterfly lawn ornament and Gracie all on her own said "butterfly" as well as signed it. She also has the word "dirty" down pat from mommy telling her not to pick up things like mud and dog poop from the sidewalk.

Gracie got a sticker for being a very helpful girl while putting on her pajamas tonight. She even said "sticker". She was on her "A" game today.

She fell asleep very quickly tonight. I think it was all of that fresh air.

Lisa, Jeff, and Gracie

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Beautiful Sunday

If there is such a thing as a perfect day, this may just have been it. Gracie was in a great mood today, despite having had a horribly restless night. We all got up bright and early and headed to 9:00 a.m. service at Jeff's church. Gracie was in her glory with all the great music. She also made some new friends. She just went over to a woman she hasn't ever met before and sat on her lap. It was obvious this woman, Vicky, loved children and Gracie sensed it. I was in disbelief at how long Gracie sat on her lap. Then she made a few other friends as well. During the service she decided she could walk down the row of chairs we were in and sat on another woman's lap for awhile. Then she would get down and dance a while. Then back onto the chair, then down to dance again.

After "church", which happens to be a new word that Gracie can say, we came home and sort of had lunch. Gracie really wasn't into lunch. She wanted milk, but not much for food. Then it was nap time, but Gracie was again very restless and didn't sleep very long. I thought that was a bad sign, but I was wrong. She continued to be in a great mood.

We went outside and played for awhile, then we headed for a walk to the nearby school to swing and slide again. Gracie did remarkable and walked most of the way to and from herself. When she would get tired she would get up on my back, but she was a trooper. At one point she was running ahead of us just having a great time. When I caught up with her, her little heart was pounding a hundred miles an hour. We made some new friends at the park and that was fun too.

We came home and I made some strawberry smoothies. We sat on the deck and ate those while basking in the sunshine. We took a break after that and came in the house for a little while to read books. Then we headed to the store to pick up a few things and stopped at Culver's to pick up supper. Oh my gosh Gracie put the food away tonight. She ate half of my hamburger, some chicken tenders, french fries, applesauce, some of my salad (her favorite was the croutons) and two peanut butter cups for dessert.

Gracie was a riot in the tub tonight. Who knew water could be splashed that far. This busy day lead to one tired girl. She fell asleep in record time tonight and seems very peaceful.

New words for the day: church, gross (she repeated mom on that one after I pulled her hand out of the toilet), french fries and beads.

Lisa, Jeff, and Gracie

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday - Lots of Fun

Gracie woke me up at 7:00 a.m. with a smile on her face and she was ready to start the day. We had our traditional Saturday morning cinnamon rolls for breakfast. These are an absolute favorite of hers and it amazes me how many she can eat. Then it was tub time and while Gracie was splashing we got a visit from Auntie Sheila. Gracie was thrilled to see her and that ended bath time. Gracie was quick to give hugs and take Sheila for walks.

Then we headed to Baker's Square for lunch. This is the first time we've taken Gracie to a restaurant in months. She did pretty good. We are very good about letting Gracie get up from the table as soon as she signs that she is "all done". This is not as easily accomplished at a restaurant. She did get orange juice in a cup with a straw and that was a huge hit. She loves to drink from straws.

After lunch we headed to the bridal store and tried on and then ordered Gracie's flowergirl dress for her cousin Crystal's wedding. She thought she was a princess. She came out of the dressing room with this beautiful dress on and one of the sales staff told her she looked like a princess. Gracie who was getting overdue for her nap, very adamantly shook her head "no"! After a quick stop at the office supply store where Gracie started to become upset and very vocal, we headed home and into bed for an 1 hour and 45 minute nap.

We had a quick snack after lunch and then we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful 60 degree day. We walked to the local school and Gracie got to swing, slide, and climb on the jungle gym. She had a great time and then we walked back home. Gracie wasn't ready to go inside yet, so we hung out on the deck and in the backyard for awhile. We got to talk with neighbor Diane, and then neighbor Nancy and her dog Annabelle stopped by to say hi too. Gracie loves Annabelle. Then we got a visit from Aunt Lana, and cousins Katie and Jayme. Gracie was smiles from ear to ear.

Gracie ate a huge supper and was in a great mood all night long. What a great day for all of us.

Lisa, Jeff, and Gracie

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Gracie had an awesome night. When I got out of the shower, she was awake and bonding with daddy. She was in a good mood and we sang all the way to daycare.

When we arrived at daycare she was pretty clingy, but had a good day. I asked her if she played outside today and she told me "no". It was pretty cool today, so I'm guessing she is right. She got to watch Pinocchio today.

Jeff picked Gracie up and headed home, I arrived not too long after. Gracie was in a mood tonight. Nothing seemed to be right. She fussed most of the night, although did get a sticker on her sticker wall for being a very helpful and cooperative girl when we took off her clothes at bathtime. This is usually a battle. She got to pick out which sticker she wanted and she chose "Cookie Monster". She is really motivated by stickers.

Gracie is now sleeping and I am so ready to go to bed too.

Lisa, Jeff, and Gracie

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Gracie had a restless night last night, not sure why, but awoke in a happy mood. She had an appointment with her early intervention teacher and the school OT this morning. She loves her teacher and was very interactive with her. Her OT brought along a LeapPad and Gracie started to get into that.

Then it was off to daycare. Gracie did real good other than a small amount of the boneless girl fuss when we first arrived. Gracie got to go for a nice long walk outside.

Jeff picked Gracie up and the two of them were horsing around when I got home. I entered the door to find my girl being held upside down and loving every minute of it. Gracie had a good night. She decided to hold food in her mouth again, but it didn't have any meds in it. She held a pretzel half chewed in her mouth for a good 30 minutes. She couldn't eat supper for fear of the pretzel falling out. In all actuality, I don't think she was hungry anyway, because once she did swallow her pretzel, she just played with her food at the table and really didn't eat much of anything.

Gracie had a great time in the tub and didn't want to come out even after the water was gone. So we just let her stay in the tub as she jabbered and jabbered. She was a tired girl after bath and fell to sleep quickly.

Lisa, Jeff, and Gracie

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Gracie had a pretty good night and was in a good mood this morning. We sang all the way to daycare.

Jeff picked Gracie up this afternoon and headed to the clinic for her OT appointment. Gracie was not in the cooperative mood again. This tends to be the theme with OT and Gracie. So we (Jeff and I) exited the room, but stayed close by. Our OT was very firm, but insisted Gracie complete the tasks given. She did of course, but grudgingly. The longer mom and dad were out of the room, the more cooperative she became. Then they came to find us and she cooperated for a little while, but then just wanted mommy to snuggle her and wouldn't cooperate again. We left again. That exit brought tears, but once she calmed down, she again cooperated. Gracie's OT felt that she has the capability to do the things asked and we changed our plan of reducing visits...we want to keep working on these challenges with her, so we will go back to two appointments a month.

Tonight when we got home Gracie decided to hold food and her meds in her mouth again. No sweat this time as we had all night to wait her out, we had no place to be. It took her a while, but she finally swallowed them. She was so tired tonight, she fell asleep 20 minutes before bedtime I am told. I wasn't here to witness it as I was at our tax appointment. You don't think daddy put her in bed early so he could go play on Facebook, do you??? ;)

Lisa, Jeff, and Gracie

Monday, April 5, 2010


Gracie had a good Easter at Grandma & Grandpa B's house. She had lots of older cousins to play with and dote on her, as well as aunts, uncles and G&G! She did really good all day considering she only had a 30 minute nap while on mom's lap. She did get a little upset that during the Easter egg hunt, her eggs were hidden in the front yard and all of her cousins were hidden in the backyard. She wanted to be where the action was.

Gracie got to meet her two new little cousins once removed. I was wondering how she would do seeing mommy hold the babies. When I held Kenzie, Gracie had to sit on my lap too. She played with Kenzie's fingers and was quite gentle. When I held Maci a little later, it was quite the opposite. Gracie fussed and was very mad at mommy. Oh the look I wasn't pretty...a glaring, dagger filled look.

Gracie had a good day today and when I came home she greeted me at the stair gate and started clapping her hands. When daddy told her he was going to make supper, she made a sizzling sound with her mouth...the sound of ground beef browning. She was quite the little comedian at times tonight. When I asked her if she played outside at daycare today, she told me "ah-huh", which is her "yes".

Thought you might enjoy a few pictures of Gracie with her Easter basket and outside on Easter Day during the egg hunt.

Lisa, Jeff, and Gracie

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Weekend

Gracie is having a great Easter weekend. She has been such a happy cooperative girl and so much fun to be around. She is saying some new independent words: "apple", "coat", "duck" to name a few. We played outside today and enjoyed the nice afternoon. Gracie's eyes got very big when she saw her Easter basket filled with a little candy, music cds, a couple DVDs, and some outdoor toys.

She is sleeping soundly now and I'm hoping she gets rested up to visit with family tomorrow to celebrate Easter Sunday.

May you all have a blessed Easter.

Lisa, Jeff, and Gracie

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday - Lots of Outdoor Time

Gracie awoke in a good mood, she was a little nut this morning, and once again took her seizure meds without any problem. I am so thankful for this.

Gracie had a good day at daycare and got to go outside both this morning and this afternoon. When I picked her up this afternoon she had been changed into the shorts I left in case it got warm. This was the first time this year I've seen her in shorts. She looked so cute and those legs are soooooooooooooo long!

We had a good evening at home. After supper we went outside and played in the back yard. Gracie has come a long way since last year. Just one year ago she was scared to let go of your hand because her balance was so unsteady on the uneven ground. Tonight she was off on her own, running and chasing Jeff. There were a few times where she started to lose her balance but righted herself beautifully. She had a great time picking up rocks underneath the deck. I have to watch her like a hawk though because every once in awhile she forgets and starts to stick them in her mouth. She is still very oral.

We stayed outside longer than we should have and so bath time was a little shorter than usual, but that was okay, Gracie was so tired. She fell asleep very quickly tonight.

Lisa, Jeff, and Gracie