Friday, June 7, 2013

School's Out For Summer!!!

Here are a few highlights of what's been happening the last month:

  • First and foremost, after many meetings and much discussion, we signed Gracie's IEP (Individualized Education Plan) on her last day of school - June 6th.  I'm happy to report that Gracie will have a one-on-one para-professional with her daily as she attends Kindergartener.  I so appreciate the school team that came together with us to make it happen.  I firmly believe that this will help keep Gracie safer at school next against those tree nut oils/proteins that could be lurking everywhere.
  • We had a nasty allergic reaction that was the result of petting a dog and then rubbing her eye before we could get her hands washed.  Not only did her eye swell almost closed, we had to deal with asthma-like breathing issues for the next few days after that.  We did visit a pediatrician for that and they are starting to think an asthma diagnosis is in her future.  I hope they are wrong.  
  • On Gracie's last day of school (yesterday) we took her to the zoo!  She had a blast...she loved the giraffes, the fish, the otters, and of course the monorail.  She loved being outside too.  It was a cool day, but that is perfect for her.  
  • Gracie's days at daycare are awesome again.  Her new teacher is in place and has been well-received.  Unfortunately many of her friends have "graduated" and are leaving...her two bestest friends last day was yesterday.  She does have some fun kids moving up to her class though, so hopefully she'll make some new friends easily.
Enjoy June...and hopefully we'll get a break from the rain soon.

Lisa, Jeff, and Preschool Graduate Gracie