Saturday, September 21, 2013

September 2013

I wasn't a very good blogger this summer...that must have meant we were having fun, right?  Gracie did have a good summer.  There were a lot of fun events at daycare and on the weekend the most requested activity was "Water Day at Gracie's House", which consisted of putting out the sprinklers or the pool.

Here it is September already.  Gracie is officially a kindergartener!!!  She splits her days between being with her kindergarten class and the special education room.  Gracie does have a one-on-one para-professional to support her and I think that is key to her safety and her successes.  She is doing so good in the kindergarten room, that she spends most of her day there.  She spends her afternoons at daycare and is making some new friends, as all her former daycare mates left with the start of kindergarten.

September has proven to be a difficult month for our family.  Gracie's Grandpa B. (my dad) had a massive stroke, was airlifted to the hospital, where he stayed a week until his passing on September 11th.  Jeff was in Chicago for work at the time, so we had him fly back a few days early and I spent most of my days and some nights at the hospital.  While daddy took very good care of Gracie, her routine was messed with and that's not a good thing.  Gracie also struggled and still struggles to understand that Grandpa isn't coming back and she can't see him.  So we are working to support her as best we can.

Gracie has a nasty cold and her asthma symptoms are back with it.  The albuterol is helping, but not fast enough for my liking.  I was pretty close to taking her to the E.R. this morning.  We'll see what tonight brings as it always seems worse at night.

Gracie continues to grow....I can't keep the girl in shoes and clothes.  She is now in size 14 tops, some bottoms too...but mostly 12 bottoms.  Size 4 shoes.  As she grows it gets harder and harder to find her age appropriate clothing as most kids in this size are much older.

We decorated our house for Halloween...Gracie LOVES Halloween.  She loves the pumpkins and the skeletons, but the most popular item is a Frankenstein window cling.  I think October will be a fun month in anticipation of Halloween.

I'll try to be better about updating.

Lisa, Jeff, and Gracie the Kindergartener

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