Monday, April 15, 2013

March & April Update

How did March get past me without an update on our ever sweet, ever growing, ever hilarious Miss Grace?   Here are a few highlights:

  • March was a very healthy month for Gracie.  April, not quite as much.  An upper respiratory virus sent us to the E.R. as Gracie was having very labored breathing and wheezing.  She presented with asthma type symptoms.  We ruled out pneumonia.  After a nebulizing treatment she started breathing a whole lot better.  They sent us home with an inhaler of albuteral.  They should have warned us that giving this to Gracie was like giving her speed.   She hardly slept for two nights.  She wanted to, but was so restless, she just couldn't stop moving.  I bounced her (not so easy anymore now that she is 65 pounds - over half of my body weight), I rocked her, I just sat with her, and I did everything I could think of to comfort her.  Naps weren't heard of either.  Between Jeff and I taking turns giving her TLC, she spent all week minus one day at home.  Once the inhaler was no longer needed she had no energy and mostly just laid around playing with her ipad or listening to music.  
  • Easter was a huge hit for Gracie this year.  She was excited to see that "Santa Claus" had delivered an Easter basket full of goodies to her.  She spent the day at Grandma & Grandpa B's house and got spoiled by aunts, uncles, and cousins too.  The night before we went there, Gracie was tossing and turning and couldn't sleep.  I asked her what was wrong and was pleasantly surprised to hear her say "I'm so excited!"
  • Good News:  We submitted an exception request to the school board to keep Gracie at the school she is currently going to for kindergarten next year.  We are thrilled that the request was granted.
  • More Good News:  Gracie would have aged out of her current daycare next school year.  I was totally stressed out trying to find another daycare for her that could accommodate all her needs, not to mention all the love and support she gets at her current daycare.  Her current daycare got their licensed changed, so she can remain there next year as well.  I could have hugged the director for making this happen.  
  • We've been working on Gracie's IEP for's signed and ready to go...with the exception that there is a disagreement on how the wording is written for dealing with Gracie's tree nut allergy.  We are having a meeting at school on May 9th and I'm confident we'll come up with a resolution that all involved are happy with.  
  • Gracie has growing again, her pants are getting shorter on her....we have her routine Neurology appointment today, so we'll find out how much she has grown...which will undoubtedly mean an increase in meds.
  • Gracie is becoming more and more verbal.  I'm hearing 6 and 7 word sentences at times.  Usually when she doesn't want to do something or is being obstinate.  But hey, I don't mind, she's expressing herself with words, I'll take it.  
  • Gracie, the child who wanted nothing in bed with her but her blankie, has taken quite an attachment to a number of stuffed animals and pillows that absolutely have to go to bed with her.  There is hardly room for her in bed anymore.  She knows exactly which ones should be there and if one is missing, you better be prepared to tear apart the house to find it.
  • Gracie has also been more interested in her baby dolls lately.  It's fun to see her carrying them around.  This morning two of them had to ride in the car to daycare with us.
We're awaiting some spring weather so we can get outdoors.  The winter has been long and we are so ready for spring.

Lisa, Jeff, and Gracie Growing Girl

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