Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sick, Sick, and More Sick

It's been a rough December for Gracie when it comes to health.  On Thursday evening (12/6/12) we rushed Gracie to the E.R. as she was shaking uncontrollably and was having labored breathing.  I took her temperature before we left and it was the time we got to the E.R. it was over 103 degrees.  Our suspicions of another bout of pneumonia were confirmed.  It took over 4 hours and both ibuprofen and Tylenol to get her fever under control.  They contemplated hospitalizing her, but since we live so close to the ER we assured them we would bring her back if we had any concerns.  They sent us to the pharmacy for some antibiotics and home we went. 

All weekend Gracie was well enough to be stir crazy, but not well enough to really do anything.  On Sunday we had a beautiful snowfall and I did let her go outside for a very short time.  That seemed to help lift her spirits immensely. 

On Monday (12/10) afternoon I got a call from a follow-up nurse at the E.R. to let me know that the urine culture they took on Thursday night showed that Gracie also had a urinary tract infection.  We were advised to stop her current antibiotic (we only had one dose left) and to begin a 10-day course of a sulpha antibiotic (Bactrim).  We started that on Monday night.  By Tuesday night Gracie had an incredibly red and blistery diaper area.  I took her into see the doctor on Wednesday morning...I suspected a yeast infection and I was correct.  We got a prescription cream to put on it and that seems to be helping nicely.  Although on Wednesday night, Gracies bottom, legs, and a few other spots were covered in hives.  I stopped the Bactrim and gave her Benadryl.  That seemed to resolve the hives and she got to go to school today.  Needless to say, I touched base with her pediatrician this morning and we are headed back to the Allergy Clinic for more testing. 

On Monday, we also had Gracie's routine (every 4 months) appointment with her neurologist.  Everything looks good there and we will do a seizure med increase just due to her size.  Gracie treated Dr. N. to renditions of "Humpty Dumpty", "Tootie Ta", and another song I can't remember.  She was quite enamored with Dr. N.'s male resident as well and had to give him a big hug. 

I'm hoping for a quiet weekend to just hang out.  I have to help Santa wrap some presents too!!!

Have a great week...and if you have any extra prayers for Gracie's health, we would be so appreciative.

Lisa, Jeff, and Gracie

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