Thursday, November 15, 2012

November 2012

A few highlights for the last month:

  • Gracie enjoyed Halloween this year and trick-or-treating.  Although she was a very tired butterfly fairy before she ever started her journey through the neighborhood.  At 6:00 p.m. she informed me that she wanted to "do a bed dive".  This is her way of telling us she wants to go to bed, because we make bedtime fun by each taking a dive onto Gracie's mattress on the floor.  At 6:05 p.m. as I got her costume out, she told me "I don't want to".  But by the time we sent her on her way out the door with daddy to go house to house for treats, she was having fun.  A special thanks to our neighbors that checked in with us or were prepared with non-tree nut treats for Gracie's arrival.  That meant alot to us.  As for the other treats that weren't Gracie safe, we did a switcheroo with safe treats for Gracie without her even knowing!
  • The weekend after Halloween was an extra special treat for Gracie and our family.  We traveled out of town for a long weekend to attend Gracie's cousin Julie's wedding.  (Congratulations Julie and Brian -- we were thrilled to be part of your special day!)  We got the privilege of taking Grandma & Grandpa B. along and our hotel rooms were adjoined, so Gracie got some great quality time with G&G.  She also had a great time at the wedding seeing all of her cousins and she did really good through the ceremony as well.  She loved the music and would pick up a hymnal whenever the music started and would start to sing.  She didn't know most of the words, but she still shared her beautiful voice with us.  She also had fun waving to daddy across the church while he videotaped the ceremony.  The dance was an extra special treat for Gracie, although it was short-lived as Gracie was very tired and started coming down with a cold.  We try not to let her get too overtired as she's not so nice when she is tired, not to mention that seizure breakthrough is always a possibility were not willing to risk.  
  • Gracie's had a cold all last week, into this week.  She's felt pretty miserable, but it's been nothing more than your basic head cold...that is until she started pulling at her ears.  I took her in to see "Dr. Lisa", which Gracie thought was quite funny because she knows I am "Mommy Lisa".  Gracie was good as gold as Dr. Lisa checked her out.  I was surprised to find out she did not have an ear infection, but she did have a retracted ear drum.  There is nothing they can do for this, it has to pop back on it's own, but I'm told it can be more painful than an ear infection.
  •  The neighbors have an inflatable snowman, as well as an inflatable Christmas tree with a deer and some other animals in their front yard.  Gracie LOVES this and gets so excited when they are inflated in the evening.  They have some fun colorful lights too and she is so into it.  We've also been singing fun Christmas Carols on our way to work in the morning.  I'm amazed at how many she knows the words too.  I think this holiday season is going to be a fun one.  
Have a great week!

Lisa, Jeff, and Gracie the Caroler

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